Giving Back
Do you remember some truly special moments from your time at Magellan? Would you like to make sure future students enjoy those same kinds of experiences? Our school is eager to take advantage of any gifts you are willing to offer as a Mariner, whether that is time volunteering or financial contributions.

If you would like to donate a monetary gift to Magellan, please take a look at the Giving page for information about our annual It’s Up To Us Campaign. And if you are interested in offering your time and talent to promote the school, please contact the school and let us know your ideas.

We are always eager to hear from our wonderful graduates!

Once a Mariner, Always a Mariner!
Ever since Magellan Charter School opened its doors in 1997, our Mariners have enjoyed a special connection that comes from learning in our academically-engaging environment. And that connection continues far beyond school hallways!

Staying Connected
Alumni can stay connected with other Magellan grads by joining our Instagram (@mcsalumni) and Facebook accounts. This is a great way to share memories of your championship team, reminisce about events like Ellis Island Day or Space Camp, or even tell friends about your next exciting voyage in life – whether that is heading off to college or starting a new job.

By filling out the Google doc link, you can let the school know how to contact you with news about what’s going on at Magellan. We look forward to being in contact with you!