Our School

Welcome to Magellan Charter

Magellan was founded in 1997 on the premise that learning should be a dynamic process that is on-going, interactive, and fun. We are currently home to approximately 400 students in grades 3-8.

At Magellan, students journey through their middle grades in a comprehensive program that balances exploration, collaboration, direct instruction, and experiential learning. Twenty-first century skills are creatively embedded into everyday learning as students are taught to think critically, problem solve, collaborate, empathize, and communicate effectively.

By fostering empathy and embracing diversity we build strong, long-lasting relationships among students, parents, faculty, and community.

We Believe In:

  •  Planning and decision-making based on student needs and learning outcomes.
  •  Academic grouping in order to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum for every student.
  •  Maintaining a small-school environment with low teacher-student ratios.
  •  Teaching mutual respect, along with social and personal responsibility.
  •  Building strong, long-lasting relationships among students, parents, faculty, and community by fostering empathy and embracing diversity.
  •  Providing experiential, collaborative, and hands-on opportunities in order to promote lifelong learning.
  •  Teaching our students the communication and life skills to be successful leaders in our global community.

Academic Excellence
The instructional day is equally divided into the four core subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts and  Social Studies. Teachers are adept at guiding each child to reach his or her personal best. We have small class sizes and use flexible academic grouping in order to help each student attain their highest level of achievement. The Arts are thoughtfully integrated into the academic curriculum.

Students participate in unique voyages, or field trips, to enhance classroom instruction. Character education is woven throughout the entire educational experience. Meaningful community service opportunities allow students to apply skills to the real world while promoting a culture of compassion.

Cutting edge technology, including personal computers for every student, is used to enhance instruction throughout the school. Skilled teachers bring content to life to promote intellectual curiosity and create lifelong learners.

Academic Distinctions
Based on our performances on End of Grade testing, the NC Department of Public Instruction has designated Magellan an Honor School of Excellence since its inception in 1997. Although the state no longer awards this designation, Magellan has earned the distinction of scoring in the top 1% of the state since 2013.

Many of our graduates also assume leadership roles in their respective high schools.

Student Expectations
Because our mission is to provide a challenging intellectual journey for highly motivated students, we have high expectations for all students.

Homework is typically assigned nightly at all grade levels, and is often time consuming. The work is designed to be thought provoking and reinforce, enhance or expand concepts taught in the classroom. At Magellan, parents are asked to support their child in making his or her academic work a priority.

Parent Expectations
We believe a strong parent/school partnership is critical to a dynamic learning environment and success for each child.

Parent support is fundamental to all we do, and we rely on volunteers for many aspects of day-to- day life at Magellan. We need every family’s commitment to generously give of their time, talents and resources to maintain a strong community and continue Magellan’s legacy of excellence.

As you consider Magellan, we encourage you to also consider the importance of volunteering and being involved in the life of the school as part of your investment in your child’s education. Check out the volunteer and MaP (Magellan Partners for Education) pages for more details.

Our Mission

The mission of Magellan Charter School is to provide a challenging intellectual journey for highly motivated students.

Our Vision

The vision of Magellan Charter School is to establish a model academic community.