6th Grade

Sixth Grade at Magellan:

Language Arts:
Sixth grade language arts is a course in which we emphasize critical and creative thinking to express individual ideas through writing, reading, speaking, and production. During the year we examine several fictional texts, including poetry and drama, written by accomplished authors, to identify and analyze character, theme, point of view, mood, and style, and how each of these impacts the plot. Looking at literary techniques, such as figurative language, dialogue, and sarcasm, helps us broaden our understanding of literature and use of writer’s techniques in our own work. In our hopes to produce well rounded readers and writers, students will also read and view a variety of nonfiction materials on a regular basis. Developing and writing expository and persuasive texts will allow students to develop a different skill set, determining the foundations needed for coherent expository writing. Students examine various texts and media for structural characteristics, accuracy, and bias. Language Arts course objectives are explored through active engagement in reading, writing, rich discussion and seminars, as well as digital media. A rich and robust use of vocabulary is emphasized along our literary journey. Students are required to respond critically to ideas presented in class, relating those experiences to their life and the world around them. Our literary topics and readings often reflect many social, cultural, and historical issues allowing for powerful thought provoking work. At times our reading enhances the work students are doing in Social Studies. During the fall, the students study Greek Mythology and its relevant connections in today’s world. Students step into Greek Day, a day full of pageantry and drama, partaking in Greek foods, academic competitions, and athletic events to culminate their Greek studies. Each student has the opportunity to perform on stage in a Greek play.
Sixth grade Language Arts at Magellan is exciting. It’s diverse in nature, and presents varied ways for students to express ideas and develop their thinking. It serves as a way for us to nourish both our soul and intellect. Join us in this literary journey.

Social Studies:
In the sixth grade, social studies focuses on the emergence, expansion and decline of civilizations of the world. Students explore the geography, culture, economy, and historical events using a variety of resources. Through the use of literature, media presentations, field studies and immersion days, history and cultures come alive. We embark on our voyage back in time to the Cradle of Civilizations and continue to the beginning of our modern world, the Renaissance. By defining characteristics needed for civilizations, we are better able to interpret the similarities and differences between these time periods. Such contrasts are identified through the recurring themes and issues we explore. Through our travels, students become aware of their interconnectedness with the world. Students develop and use critical thinking skills, tackling real world problems through a variety of activities, such as informative and creative writing, hands on activities, projects, and field studies. Whether it’s working with the philosophers of Greece, the engineers of Rome, or the students of today in South America, our sixth graders come to see themselves as members of our global society.

Sixth grade math is a fun and engaging experience where students explore topics from the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. Instructional time focuses the following Domains: Ratios and Proportional Relationships, the Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry and Statistics. There are eight mathematical practices which are integrated into instruction along with the use of technology. Having their own laptops, students are afforded the opportunity for collaborating with others on projects, immediate access to various research tools and can complete and submit assignments on line. Together, these facets help students master computational skills and discover problem solving strategies which enhance their abilities to make practical applications of these concepts in everyday life. Emphasis is placed on both critical and creative thinking.

Students have a lot to look forward to in sixth grade science. We explore the world around us and gain a better understanding as to why studying science is important. The curriculum focuses on matter, astronomy, energy, forces and motion, geology, ecosystems, and structures and functions of living organisms. Project Based Learning is a major focus in this class. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge by participating in a wide variety of fun and engaging projects throughout the academic year. Some of the projects to look forward to are the 6th Grade Inventioneering Fair and the Heat Loss Project. In addition, this year we are super excited to be traveling to the Challenger Center in Columbia South Carolina. This is a unique voyage that will focus on the science and history of space exploration. We are going to have a great year in sixth grade science! Be prepared to work hard and have fun!