Welcome to the Magellan iLab

Magellan’s maker space, the iLab, opened in December 2016 as a result of successful imagining and planning by a team of teachers and students.  The iLab has was reimagined to serve as a creative space where students engage in art activities that are an extension of their classroom learning.  The “i” in iLab has come to stand for “integration.”  An integrated arts curriculum allows students to deepen their understanding of core subject material through the creative process.  The arts and the creative process allow students to further develop their problem solving, decision making, risk-taking, and reflective-thinking skills.  

The Magellan iLab is a place where students can come with their classes, in small groups, or individually.  It is stocked with a variety of tools and art supplies, ready for projects that integrate the arts into each Mariner’s intellectual journey.