Our Students

At The Magellan Charter School we teach the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and our skilled teachers bring content to life in a way that promotes intellectual curiosity and creates lifelong learners. Twenty-first century skills are creatively embedded into everyday learning as students are taught to think critically, problem solve, collaborate, empathize and communicate effectively.

Our students share the desire to attend an academically focused school. We believe academic grouping in mathematics and language arts facilitates learning. Our student body is comprised of individuals from varied backgrounds, which strengthens and enriches Magellan’s environment and culture. 

Our Faculty

The faculty members at The Magellan Charter School are dedicated to our shared mission of offering our students nurturing, fun and engaging learning experiences. Our teachers are adept at guiding each child to reach a personal best. We have small class sizes and use flexible academic grouping to foster highest student achievement. Leading-edge technology, including personal computers for every middle school student, is used to enhance instruction throughout the school.

Please visit our grade level pages to learn more about us.

Our Mission

The mission of Magellan Charter School is to provide a challenging intellectual journey for highly motivated students.

Four Core Subjects

Our instructional day is divided equally into the core subject areas:

  • Math,
  • Science,
  • Language Arts, and
  • Social Studies.

While emphasizing these four core subject areas, the Arts are thoughtfully integrated into the academic curriculum on a regular basis and provide experiences that are interactive and experiential.