Magellan’s remote classes will follow a regular daily schedule in order to avoid conflicts, maximize instructional support, and create a routine for staff, students and parents. 

All teachers and students at Magellan have access to and use Google Classroom as their online learning management system.

Students will have daily face-to-face interaction with teachers through Google Meet. Teaching will include direct instruction and modeling, as well as guided practice in order to scaffold students’ work while monitoring for understanding. 

Teachers will maintain office hours daily.  Office hours will be communicated to students and parents through grade-level newsletters and email.

On-going feedback will be provided to students on an individual basis through Google Tools. Teachers will monitor student data to determine the need for reteaching or intervention. Grades will be posted on graded assignments.

Each class period will begin with an online meeting or lesson. At that time, the teacher will take attendance

Optimally, students will be marked present for joining live face-to-face instruction.  A student will also be considered present for daily attendance during a remote instruction day if the student has a daily check-in or a two-way communication with the appropriate teacher(s) in each course as scheduled, or submits daily assignments 

The school will reach out to families by phone or email when a student is not present and the school has not been notified of the reason for absence by the parent.