Navigator Project

Magellan Navigator Project


Please read the following information with your child thoroughly before signing the
Navigator Project Agreement



The Magellan Charter School believes that the use of technology to support teaching and learning not only engages students with relevant tools and resources but prepares them to contribute as 21st-century citizens. To that end, the Magellan Navigator project provides students with increased technology access through the distribution of personal computing devices for educational use at home and school.

The Magellan Charter School expects that those participating in the Magellan Navigator Project use all equipment and resources responsibly. The Magellan Acceptable Use Policy and the Navigator Responsible Use Policies are intended to define responsible use and guidelines for appropriate digital citizenship. Parents and students must agree to comply with these policies by signing the agreements.

What are the student goals of the Navigator Project?

  • To engage students as producers rather than consumers of knowledge.
  • To better facilitate collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving, thus giving students a competitive edge in an increasingly technological society.
  • To empower students with a selection of educational and productivity tools to support anytime, anywhere learning.

How does the terms of agreement work for issuing laptops?

The Magellan Charter School will provide each Navigator Project student with a laptop, power pack, and laptop bag for the current school year.  Once issued, the laptop will remain with the student (unless there are technical issues) throughout their current school year, or until the student withdraws from Magellan, whichever occurs first. Magellan retains the right of ownership.  These laptops are for educational use only at school and at home. The laptops will be issued upon completion of the following:

    • Parent and student read and sign the Navigator Project Responsible Use Agreement
    • Signed Magellan Acceptable Use Policy by parent and student

What are some of the guidelines for using the computer?

Students are responsible for the care of the laptop, for bringing it to school each day, taking it home at night when needed, charging it overnight for use the following day, and for monitoring battery level and charging if necessary during the school day.  Laptops and any related issued items are for the express use of the student to whom it is assigned. No sibling, parent or others may use it, except to the extent that it is authorized by the student’s teacher or in the course of assisting the student with his/her assignment.

How are computers monitored?

As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, all Magellan computers are protected by a 24/7 anytime/anywhere filtering solution which restricts access to unacceptable sites and many social networking sites. The Magellan Charter School cannot guarantee that all inappropriate sites will be blocked. Adult supervision is recommended as the most reliable filtering solution for home and school.

There should be no expectation of privacy regarding the contents of files or communications while using a school-owned computer, network and local/cloud-based domains. The Magellan Charter School reserves the right to review, monitor and restrict information stored on school-owned equipment. School personnel may conduct inspections of the loaner laptops and accessories as deemed necessary.

What are the student responsibilities?

  • Apply the Magellan Code of Conduct to all technology use.
  • Follow all Acceptable Use Policy, Responsible Use Policy, and digital citizenship guidelines.
  • Use the technology resources (laptop, accessories, accounts, and software) to support classroom learning and complete school assignments per teacher directions.
  • Protect loaner equipment from damage, loss, or theft in accordance with the care and maintenance instructions included in this document.
  • Backup their data in the appropriate file directory on the Magellan network. (This is the student Y drive and/or the student’s Drive in the Magellan Google domain.)
  • Bring their fully charged laptop and power cord to school each day unless directed otherwise by their teachers.
  • Follow all teacher directions for classroom use.
  • Maintain the security of their laptops by storing them in a secure location when not in use.
  • Login only with their assigned username and password.

What are students prohibited from doing?

  • Share their Navigator laptop or password with other users except under the direction of the classroom teacher during lessons that require collaboration.
  • Make copies of the school-owned software installed on their laptop.
  • Download anything without the authorization of the classroom teacher.
  • Attempt to disable or bypass the Magellan content filter.
  • Make changes to the installed customized image on the laptop, unless directed by their teachers. It is important that the images remain consistent and stable.
  • Attach stickers, draw, write, or otherwise deface the laptop, carrying case, or power cord.
  • Attempt hardware repairs on the laptop, or try to access internal laptop parts. Hardware repairs should be referred to the Magellan HelpDesk in the technology office. (
  • Delete files that they did not create or do not recognize. These files could be instrumental to the functioning of the laptop.

What parental responsibilities are expected?

  • Monitor their student’s use of the laptop and the Internet while at home.
  • Ensure that their child follows user and laptop policies and guidelines set forth by Magellan while at home.
  • Report the need for laptop repairs, loss or theft within 24 hours.
  • Report any laptop theft or vandalism that occurs outside the school to the police.
  • Ensure the return of the laptop and accessories at the end of the school year or upon student withdrawal from Magellan, whichever occurs first.
  • Replace the laptop or cover the cost of parts for repair if the laptop is not returned, or returned in an unacceptable condition as determined by the technology staff and the administrator.

What are the guidelines for the general care of your computer?

  • Keep it in a secure location at school and home.
  • Do not try to fix hardware issues on your laptop. Report these to your teacher.
  • Do not remove or modify the identifying labels on your laptop.
  • Do not open the computer housing to access internal parts.
  • Avoid eating or drinking around your computer. Liquids and foods can damage it. Do not keep food or any liquid in the laptop carrying case.
  • Keep the laptop on a flat, solid surface so that air can circulate. Using a laptop on a blanket, bed or carpet can cause it to overheat, resulting in damage.
  • Do not set books or stack items on top of the laptop. Do not sit or lean on the laptop lid. The additional weight can damage the laptop screen.
  • Avoid grabbing or carrying the laptop by the lid (display).
  • Do not leave the laptop exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, moisture or sand. These can damage your laptop.
  • Carefully insert cords, cables, and other external devices to avoid damage to the laptop ports.
  • Use your carrying case at all times when moving your laptop from place to place. Do not place the laptop in your book bag. Avoid placing other items inside the carrying case with your laptop. When placing the laptop into your carrying case, make sure it is sleeping or turned off. This will avoid damage to your hard drive. Before leaving school, shut down the computer.
  • Immediately report all damage, loss, or performance problems with the laptop to your teacher, who will report it to the HelpDesk.
  • It is a good idea to let your battery completely drain at least once a month. This can prolong battery life.
  • Do not attempt to change power settings that have been configured. These settings are designed to maintain prolonged battery life and optimize computer performance.

How do I keep my computer clean?

  • Wipe surfaces with a clean, dry, soft cloth.  Be sure your hands are clean when using the laptop to avoid build-up on the touchpad, touch screen and keyboard.
  • Avoid touching the screen with fingers (except touch screens), pencils, pens or other sharp instruments.
  • Check before closing the laptop lid that there are no pencils, pens or papers on the keyboard.
  • Never use glass cleaner or other liquids on your screen, except those that are specifically for computer screens. There are anti-static cloths and cleaners available for cleaning computer screens or computer screen wipes available at office supply stores. Spray screen cleaners on soft, dry anti-static cloths. Please ask the HelpDesk or your teacher for screen cleaner if necessary.

What if my laptop is damaged?

  While we understand accidents happen, our responsible use policy is intended to guide the care and maintenance of the Navigator equipment. In addition to following responsible use guidelines, students are expected to use common sense and good judgment to protect their laptop and accessories while on and off the school grounds.
There are two types of damage that could potentially occur to the laptop: mechanical failure or accidental damage/damage due to user negligence.
Mechanical failure occurs as a result of manufacturer defect or normal use/age. Damage should be reported to the classroom teacher as soon as possible. This type of damage will be covered by the Magellan Charter School or by warranties when in force.
Accidental/Negligent damage is equipment malfunction due to user behaviors. Accidental damage and user negligence will be determined by the school administrator in cooperation with the classroom teacher and technical personnel. In cases other than mechanical failure, the cost of repairs will be assessed to the parent.
If possible, students will be issued a helpdesk computer to utilize while their laptop is being repaired.  Helpdesk computer will need to be returned when the student laptop is reissued.

Explain the procedures for a lost or stolen laptop.

In the event of loss or theft of the Navigator laptop, the student user and the parent/guardian are responsible for 100% of the replacement cost. They must also report the loss to the HelpDesk immediately so actions can be undertaken to replace the equipment. If theft is suspected, we recommend that a report be filed immediately with the police.
If the original equipment is located after a replacement is purchased by the parent, the original must be returned to the Magellan HelpDesk where it will be evaluated and re-issued to the student. The replacement computer will be returned to the school and the cost of the replacement computer refunded to the parent.